Individual Nutrition Support

Meet with one of our team dietitians for careful assessment, planning, and counseling to support your nutrition-related or food relationship goals. Our focus areas include: Eating disorders and disordered eating (e.g. chronic dieting) for ages 16+ Food relationship Intuitive...
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Infant Nutrition Support

Naturally, you want to give your baby the best start in life. This often requires a great deal of support. We're here to help! Food to Fit your Baby: Introducing Solids Starting solids is an exciting time for parents! But this milestone can also bring a lot of questions, concerns, and...
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Family Nutrition Support

Family sessions are focused on developing healthful family meal patterns, fueling active kids, working through food aversions or picky eating, planning meals and snacks, and exploring new recipes with curiosity to help build your base! The dietitian considers the family's...
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Small Group Workshops

Small group workshops are a great way to bring people together to delve deeper into a nutrition-related topic while learning from others' questions, comments, and experiences. We can host up to 10 participants in our beautiful board room or we can come to your location. Workshops can...
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Professional Speaking

Brooke and her team have presented to community groups, professional associations, food industry experts, and colleges. We offer interactve, thought-provoking, and inspiring sessions.