Infant Nutrition Classes

Naturally, you want to give your baby the best start in life. This often requires a great deal of support. We're here to help!


Food to Fit your Baby: Introducing Solids


Starting solids is an exciting time for parents! But this milestone can also bring a lot of questions, concerns, and hesitation. Brooke Bulloch is a Registered Dietitian and mom, and her introducing solids online course details the most current evidence, best practice, and experience as a mom. Feel confident and prepared to best support your little eater.


Topics are divided into 10 chapters:



  1. Vitamin D - Birth and Onward

  3. Signs that Your Infant is Ready for Solid Food

  5. First Foods - Key Nutrients of Concern

  7. How Much Solid Food and How Often

  9. Baby Led Weaning Concepts and Research

  11. Safe Textures and Texture Advancement

  13. Reducing Risk for Choking - Choking vs. Gagging

  15. Introducing Allergenic Foods

  17. Milk Products and Plant Based Beverages

  19. Raising an Intuitive Eater


You have 6 month access to the online course material including the powerpoint presentation, 10 live video demonstrations, and handouts (course handout, Food to Fit your Baby Starter Recipes, and Baby Sample Meals from 6-8 and 8-10 months). After completing the course you can take advantage of a free 15 minute phone consultation with Brooke.


For a brief introduction and overview on introducing solids, read our blog post here.




Prenatal/Breastfeeding Online Course


Cindy and Jana are Registered Nurses and International Board Certified Lactation Consultants who have been servicing our community for over 25 years. They're passionate about supporting parents with the transition to breastfeeding after your new baby arrives.


While breastfeeding is natural it can be overwhelming and stressful to learn when you are sleep deprived and exhausted after birth. Not knowing how to get baby latched deeply can lead to sore nipples and a low milk supply.


Avoid the stress and worry of wondering how often to feed or whether your baby is getting enough milk. Learn the steps you can take to avoid breastfeeding pain. Check out their Prenatal Power Prep Online Course. Use the code: FIT15 for a 15% discount.