Group Workshops & Professional Speaking


How Can a Dietitian Help?

  • Our dietitians can support individuals to feel more confident around food choices, meal planning, and grocery shopping. We help people to manage a chronic condition, improve their relationship to food, improve health outcomes, increase energy levels, and better understand how food affects their, unique body.

Employee Wellness Presentations

  • 60-90 minute presentations using Powerpoint media. Topics to choose from include:
    • Intuitive Eating Principles - Finding Peace with Food

    • Nutrition to Prevent/Manage Burnout

    • Fuel-On-The-Go

    • Meal Planning Basics

    • Plant Based Eating - Beyond Veggies!

    • Fuel, Hydrate, Recover - What, Why, and How for Your Activity

    • Weight-Inclusive care

Email us to inquire about fees (starting at $300)


Consulting Services - $80 per hour

Our dietitians can support your wellness initiatives and projects. Studies show that dietitian support in the workplace can help reduce health care spending, reduce the cost of prescription drugs, and decrease disability days by 87%. Learn more here.