Workplace Wellness


How Can a Dietitian Help?

  • Our dietitians can support individuals to feel more confident around food choices, meal planning, and grocery shopping. We help people to manage a chronic condition, improve their relationship to food, improve health outcomes, increase energy levels, and better understand how food affects their, unique body.

Employee Wellness Presentations

  • One hour presentation using Powerpoint media. Topics to choose from include:
    • Mindful eating - looking at the WHY and HOW we eat including a mindful eating practice
    • Healthy snacking in the workplace - how to fuel and beat the 2:00 slump
    • Reading Nutrition Facts labels - what to look for and how to make it work for you
    • Navigating vitamin/mineral supplements
    • Balancing meals to support nutrition needs, appetite, and food satisfaction
    • Plant Based Eating
    • Top Food and Nutrition Trends

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Consulting Services - $75 per hour

Healthy employees = a healthy bottom line! Studies show that dietitians can help reduce health care spending, reduce the cost of prescription drugs, and decrease disability days by 87%. Learn more here.