Workplace Wellness


How Can a Dietitian Help?

  • Short presentation on what dietitians do, Food to Fit's philosophy, and how we can support individuals to feel better, improve health outcomes, boost energy levels, and have fewer sick days. We will discuss our process with clients and answer any questions employees may have.

Employee wellness presentation

  • One hour presentation using Powerpoint media. Topics to choose from include (your team can choose 3 for your presentation)
    • Mindful eating - looking at the WHY and HOW we eat including a mindful eating practice
    • Healthy snacking in the workplace - beat the 2:00 slump
    • Tips to eating better when relying on restaurant dining
    • Reading Nutrition Facts labels - what to look for and how to make it work for you?
    • Navigating vitamin/mineral supplements
    • Balancing meals to support nutrition, appetite, and pleasure
    • Is sugar really the demon it's made out to be? - is sugar really toxic? Addictive? What does the science say about sugar and our health? When do sugar and refined carbohydrates actually become an issue?
    • The Fats of Life - what does this actually mean today?
    • Top Food and Nutrition Trends

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Consulting Services - $75 per hour

Healthy employees = a healthy bottom line! Studies show that dietitians can help reduce health care spending, reduce the cost of prescription drugs, and decrease disability days by 87%. Learn more here.