Family Nutrition


Initial Consultation - $300

  • 2 hour initial consultation.
  • Nutrition assessment includes:
    • Review of food intake habits/patterns/preferences; family mealtime dynamics; medical/health history of family members; medications and supplements; labs (as available on eHealth SK); food relationships; lifestyle; client concerns; setting goals or intentions.
  • Counseling or medical nutrition therapy/education may be part of the initial consultation
  • Starter nutrition planning and/or food relationship counseling and guidance offered as it relates to the family as a whole or each individual based on unique needs, goals or concerns.
  • Note, if it seems there are too many different issues or moving parts within a family dynamic, we may recommend separate sessions to ensure your unique needs are matched to the most specialized RD to meet those needs (e.g. if one family member stuggles with an eating disorder while another has gut health issues or high cholesterol to focus on).

See our Family Nutrition Support services page for more information.


Follow up - $195

  • 90 minute follow up.
  • Monitoring/evaluating the nutrition plan, symptoms, relfections, progress, and labs
  • Discussion of family perceived successes and new/continued challenges
  • Further medical nutrition therapy or food relationship counseling and meal planning supports/adjustments where needed.



 * Online and in person counseling available (Regina, Saskatoon, around SK).