Omega 3, Naturally...

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Omega 3, Naturally...

What do sedentary lifestyles, smoking, saturated animal fat, high sodium diets and binge drinking have in common? You know it, they’re all risk factors for heart disease or stroke and 90% of Canadians have at least one. We know that eating vegetables, fruit, whole grains and legumes have positive effects on our cholesterol, mental health and waistlines. However, the market is overwhelmed with omega 3 advertisements, supplements and functional foods causing even nutrition experts to question, "which one and how much"? Recently, my attention was drawn to a new omega 3-rich product that is simple, tasty and can be consumed in many different ways. It’s also natural, made in Canada and undergoes minimal processing.

It's called Camelina oil and is made from Camelina Sativa – a non-GMO ancient oilseed originating in Northern Europe. At 4 mg of omega 3 fat per tablespoon, Camelina oil is an excellent source of an omega 3 called alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) and offers a more balanced ratio of omega 3 (36%), 6 (20%) and 9 (34%) than any other oil on the market.

There are three types of omega 3 fatty acids: EPA, DHA and ALA. These are essential polyunsaturated fats, meaning they must be consumed in the diet. ALA contains anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce risk for heart disease. Food sources of ALA include walnuts, ground flaxseed, soybeans, chia seeds and Camelina oil. Evidence supports an ALA intake of 2-3 g per day in adults to help prevent heart disease and reduce risk for recurring cardiovascular events. You can meet your ALA needs each day with ¼ cup walnuts or 1 tablespoon ground flaxseed or just 2 teaspoons of Camelina oil.

Three Farmers is a Saskatchewan-based group that grows the Camelina seeds and produces the oil. The seed is cold-pressed – a natural process that avoids use of chemicals or solvents – to extract the oil. Three Farmers Camelina Oil can be used in baking, sautéing or dressings and has a light, nutty flavor. Visit to learn more about smoke point, shelf life, and traceability. Support a healthy heart and boost your intake of ALA omega 3 fats, naturally, with Camelina oil.

Brooke Bulloch, Registered Dietitian, owner of Food To Fit