New Year, New Habits - Top 5 Goals to Include on Your List

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New Year, New Habits - Top 5 Goals to Include on Your List

Happy New Year! There are so many ways to get your New Year off to a healthful start. Food To Fit has 5 nutrition-related goals to help you kick-start a healthful year. Aside from the obvious - cutting out the leftover holiday treats - wake your body up and build new habits for 2013!

1) Sleep. Studies report that individuals who sleep less than 5.5 hours per night, release hormones that stimulate appetite. Individuals eat significantly more compared to those who sleep 8 hours per night. 

2) Avoid drinking your calories. Whether from specialty coffees, soda pop or even fruit juice the calories can add up quickly. We don't compensate by eating less food, we simply add these on top of our usual diets. 

3) Avoid white or refined grains including rice, pasta, and breads and pastries made with white flours. These have fewer heart-healthy vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients than their whole grain counterparts. 

4) Eat a meal or snack every 3-4 hours starting with breakfast (light or large, just do it:)). Eat more earlier in the day (to maintain energy levels and metabolism) and less at supper or in the evening when the body, mind and metabolism slows down.

5) Vegetables and fruit - fresh or frozen. Aim for at least 4 servings of vegetables and 2 servings of fruit every day. Vegetables and fruit provide energy, are full of fibre which slows digestion and fills us up, and immune-boosting (and potentially age-fighting) antioxidants. 1 serving = 1/2 cup. 

This all sounds simple, but it might take some extra planning. Plan your breakfast and make your lunch the night before so you can't easily give up on it during your busy morning. Be sure you include fruit for snacks and vegetables with lunch and supper. The larger breakfast and lunch (+ fruit snacks) will help you feel less hungry by supper so that you can reduce your evening portions sizes. Get your 2013 off to the right start and feel good about it!