Fresh, Festive Fruit & Mint Punch

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Fresh, Festive Fruit & Mint Punch


With the festive season upon us, many of our clients are eager to maintain their nutrition and wellness goals, while still participating in parties and events with coworkers, family and friends. And not everyone is eager to fill their bellies with booze. For those who prefer to keep the calories (and hangovers) to a minimum, who don't drink alcohol, pregnant women, or children having something fun, fizzy and festive to drink is important to feeling included in the festivities. Unfortunatley the options are often limited to sugar-laden soda pop. Boring.

You are going to love this refreshing low calorie Punch - and it doesn't use a stitch of artificial sweeteners, nor did I compromise taste. It's fizzy, fresh, and flavourful... and the fruit adds an edible garnish at the end:)

You can make this per glass, or scale up to make a large batch.


Single Serving Ingredients

To a tall glass, add the following:


6 ounces Club Soda (or any preferred plain, sparkling water)

4 ounces Cranberry Juice

1 orange wedge - juice squeezed 

1 lime wedge - juice squeezed

1/2 orange wedge added to the cup, whole

1/2 lime wedge added to the cup, whole

4-5 fresh or frozen raspberries

2 sprigs fresh mint


Happy Holidays!


Submitted by Brooke Bulloch, RD