Eating to Support Environmental Sustainability - Global News Morning

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Eating to Support Environmental Sustainability - Global News Morning

We have a growing global population and an environmental crisis. While the issue is complex our food and eating habits certainly play a role in environmental sustainability. Me and my kitchen compost bucket (it looks huge on television!), joined Jackie on Saskatoon Global News Morning to share 3 common themes that pop up when reviewing the evidence, along with my top 3 suggestions that households can do around food and eating to better support the ecological environment. Watch my segment here: Global News Enviro Sustainable Eating.

It's important to note that not everyone has the access nor the privilege in making more environmentally sustainable food choices. When considering sustainable food systems it certainly goes beyond the ecological environment and includes social issues such as food access, household food insecurity, and social justice. But for those who feel they can contribute efforts, even small actions will make a difference. Remember, it's a complex issue that doesn't just fall on your shoulders so be patient with yourself as you learn.