Food to Fit Your Baby

Food to Fit Your Baby: Introducing Solids Online Course (coming soon)

  • This online course will cover all the same topics and information as a live workshop. It will be split into 10-12 modules and caregivers can move through them at their own pace (once you have access to the workshop, participants will have 60 days to complete the course).
  • Topics include: timing and type of foods to introduce at various stages, texture progression along with baby-led weaning concepts, responsive feeding techniques, discussion around allergenic foods, making baby food from scratch, choking risks, supplementation, and picky eating

Private Consultation - $150

  • In 90 minutes the dietitian will collect a brief history of the infant's feeding and growth pattern and complete basic assessment
  • This Q & A session allows caregivers to ask specific questions or concerns they have around introducing solids. We will also cover the basics as discussed in the online course above
  • Both in person and virtual/online consultation is available