Individual Nutrition


Starter - $325

  • 90 minute initial consultation with the dietitia
  • Nutrition assessment, detailed analysis, and goal setting
  • Starter nutrition planning based on your goals, health history, nutrition assessment, lifestyle, and daily routines
  • 1 x 60 minute follow up session for further coaching, skill-building, and stage two nutrition and meal planning (~4 hours RD time)

Extended - $495

  • 90 minute initial consultation with the dietitia
  • Nutrition assessment, detailed analysis, and goal setting
  • Starter nutrition planning (as above)
  • 3 x 60 minute follow up sessions adding to the starter nutrition plan with each session. One session may be switched for a personal grocery store tour.
  • This package offers a step-wise approach to developing healthy food behaviours, confidence in meal preparation, expanding on food and nutrition knowledge, and meal planning. This package is ideal for those seeking ongoing support with digestive issues or food allergies requiring elimination and re-introduction planning, bariatric surgery, weight issues, or for anyone with multiple health or nutrition goals (~6 hours RD time)

Sport Event Planning - $225

  • 90 minute initial consultation with the dietitia
  • Nutrition assessment, detailed analysis, and goal setting
  • Pre event nutrition plan
  • Competition/tournament day nutrition plan
  • This package is geared to the athlete who wants to fuel and recover for optimal sport performance in an upcoming game, tournament, or race. We will review supplementation, travel considerations, sport foods/ergogenic aids, fueling, hydration, and recovery as needed depending on the sport (~4 hours RD time)

 Mindful Eating - $325

  • 90 minute initial consultation with the dietitia
  • General nutrition assessment and goal setting
  • 2 x 60 minute follow up counseling sessions
  • This package is for anyone seeking support to build positive eating behaviours and foster a healthful relationship with food. This approach has less focus on what you're eating and more focus on why and how you eat. The dietitian will assist you to increase awareness of the your eating patterns, and of the emotional, physical, mental, and environmental triggers that can interfere with normal eating. (~4 hours RD time) 

CUSTOM SERVICES (choose your own adventure)

Basic Nutrition Assessment - $150

In 90 minutes, the dietitian will review your current medical/health history, medication and supplement intake, nutrition concerns or goals, and food intake record. The dietitian will help with goal-setting and create a preliminary action plan for long-term nutrition therapy, or to kick-start your nutrition journey. This is a basic starting point and does not include detailed meal planning.

Follow up Counseling - $75

Single, 45 minute follow up sessions can be added on to any package at any time. Ideal for former or long-term clients simply looking to touch base (monthly, quarterly, annually) to discuss progress, adjust the nutrition plan, or seek supportive counseling.

Accountability Check-Ups - $75

This follow up "accountability" package includes 4 x 15 minute phone calls (at least 1/month) to check in, discuss successes and continued challenges, provide motivational counseling, answer questions, and help keep you on track with your goals. This form of follow up is ideal for the busy client who struggles to find time to meet face-to-face or for those seeking long term supportive coaching.

Personal Grocery Store Session - $85

One of our dietitian coaches will meet with you at a grocery store/food market of your choice. We will show you how to make better food choices and plan balanced meals that suit your lifestyle and your palate, how to read food labels, introduce you to new ingredients, pick out healthful on-the-go options, and even answer questions about food politics. A favourite, 1 hour session where the client builds practical knowledge and skills.


We accept payment via credit card, cheque, electronic transfer, or cash.

*Travel outside Saskatoon includes mileage rate at $.40/km

* Food to Fit now offers online counseling