Family Nutrition


Kick-Start - $495

  • Initial consultation with the dietitian
  • Nutrition assessment of each person with review of medications, supplements, and health histories, and a review of current food intake and eating patterns
  • Starter nutrition planning based on the family's goals, nutrition assessment, lifestyle, and daily routines. Specific food or nutrient recommendations may be made for each member as needed
  • 1 follow up session for further coaching, education, and stage two nutrition/meal planning


Refine - $695

  • Initial consultation with the dietitian
  • Nutrition assessment (as above)
  • Starter nutrition planning (as above)
  • 3 follow up sessions adding to the starter nutrition plan with each session. One session may be switched for a personal grocery store tour
  • Sessions are focused on developing healthful family meal patterns, fueling active kids, addressing food aversions, meal and snack planning, building a healthy kitchen pantry, and a base of home-cooked recipes