Food to Fit

Our Mission

Food to Fit Nutrition Inc. is a team of Registered Dietitians/Nutritionists who are all members with Saskatchewan Dietitians Association and Dietitians of Canada. Each dietitian provides a specialized set of skills and expertise, ensuring you're matched with the most qualified person to meet your needs.

Nutrition services are personalized to each client with a focus on sustainable outcomes relating to your life, your sport, or your workplace. Step-by-step counseling around what, why, and how you eat can make vast strides to attaining confidence and balance, while addressing your concerns. We practice with a weight neutral, Health at Every Size (HAES) approach which means we do not promote weight loss, rather we promote mindful nutrition, healthy behaviours, body acceptance and self care regardless of one's size. Weight loss might be an outcome of treatment (or it might not be), but it's not the primary focus of care.

We value the highest standard in nutrition assessment, planning, and counseling. Most importantly we listen to our clients' stories in order to best understand the root of their concerns or barriers. Find out more about the services offered here and the various packages offered under Pricing.

Our Vision

Bridging gaps in health care, supporting those who may not have access to a nutrition professional within the public system

Building relationships with health professionals, athletic trainers, and local vendors in order to best serve and support our community

Advocating against diet culture and weight loss promotion along with the physical and emotional damage that dieting perpetuates

Fostering healthy relationships with food and our bodies to instill self confidence, self worth, and improved wellness (whatever that may look like to you)

Supporting client confidence around food choices, preparation, and cooking as tools to achieve and maintain optimal health, wellness, and performance

Our Affiliates

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