Renee Nagus

Associate, Registered Dietitian; Certified Diabetes Educator




I am a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) with 10+ years experience in primary healthcare and nutrition counselling.  Over the years I have met many clients who were overwhelmed by nutrition science, not knowing where to begin when altering their food choices. My clients have taught me that the simplest changes are often the most impactful.  With this in mind, I strive to understand clients' health concerns, lifestyle, habits, and personal health goals to develop a nutrition plan that is evidence based, practical, and sustainable.


Continued Learning


As a dietitian and CDE, I have worked with a diverse range of individuals to assist in creating a diabetes management strategy that works for them. The CDE certification ensures I have a sound knowledge base in diabetes care and management. My training includes an understanding of physiology, diabetes medications, insulin, blood glucose monitoring, lab values, nutrition, physical activity, mental health, and many other factors that affect a person living with diabetes. Research shows that a team approach to care is the best way to support those living with diabetes and I regularly collaborate with physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, mental health counsellors, pharmacists, physiotherapists, and exercise therapists as we support the client to reach their health goals.


Currently, I support individuals with diabetes prevention and management, heart health, prenatal nutrition, infant and child nutrition, women's health, and weight issues.


At home, I am a busy mom and wife. I understand the chaos many people feel when trying to juggle family, career, healthy eating, and other commitments. This is why I truly believe we must simplify to be successful.