Brooke Bulloch

President, Registered Dietitian




My experience base includes over 8 years in the field, 5 of which as an employee with the Saskatoon Health Region under a variety of settings:



  • Acute care/clinical nutrition at St. Paul's Hospital;

  • Primary health supporting the prenatal population through cooking classes and group support with the Food for Thought and Healthy Mother Healthy Baby programs;

  • Public health supporting infants and families, working alongside Registered Nurses;

  • Long term care supporting adults of all ages at Sherbrooke Community Centre


I have been in business as a consulting dietitian for over 6 years. My vision for the business has changed over the years as I learn and grow from my clients and their needs. Regardless, maintaining or building a healthy relationship with food is at the forefront of services offered. You will find more about our approach, vision, and philosophy here. Today my primary focus includes supporting individuals and families with:



  • Pregnancy including fertility and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

  • Infant feeding, specifically introducing solids;

  • Mindful/intuitive eating;

  • Plant-based eating including vegetarian and vegan eating;

  • Food allergies/sensitivies;

  • Irritable bowel syndrome;

  • Consulting to personal care homes


Faciliating group workshops and public speaking is a big part of my work that I love! I speak with local gyms, sport groups, community groups, corporate wellness programs, post secondary schools, and professional AGMs/events.


You will find me at The Local Kitchen hosting cooking classes and nutrition workshops.


Memberships/Continued Learning


I hold memberships with the Consulting Dietitians, Sport Nutrition, and Media Networks under Dietitians of Canada, and with The Centre for Mindful Eating.


In 2015, I completed Dietitians of Canada/Sport Dietitians Australia Intensive Sport Nutrition Course in Calgary, AB.


Recently, I have focused my continued education on nutrition to best support irritable bowel syndrome, fertility and PCOS, and expanding counseling skills related to mindful/intuitive eating.




I've had the privilege of working with Huffington Post, Best Health Magazine, Canadian Living, Chatelaine, Toronto Tonic, The Globe and Mail, and continue as a regular guest on Saskatoon's Global News Morning. I was a media spokesperson for Dietitians of Canada from 2014 to 2017.


I'm a local food advocate and enjoy cooking! I consider myself a passable home cook with a passion for creating easy, healthful, and yummy family meals - if I can make them so can you! Recipes are shared as part of our Blog under Weekday Meals.


To learn more about what Food to Fit has to offer, visit the Services or Pricing menus or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you!