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New Year, New You? Why You Don't Need Another Diet Resolution!

Another year, another sweet promise to lose weight and get healthy. “New year, new you!” - I hate this tag line, as though the ‘old you’ isn’t good enough, fit enough, successful enough or pretty enough. Don’t get me wrong, I agree that people can and should work towards positive change, for example, to become more active, save money, start meditating, and even improve one’s health. However, the “new year, new you” mantra merely allows dieting schemes to take advantage of the guilt-ridden and vulnerable after an over-indulgent time of year. The idea of a weight loss diet certainly brings promise and hope, but lurking behind every diet are unsustainable methods, strict rules, less than appetizing...

Breakfast of Champions - Butter Coffee?

When the Producer of Saskatoon Global Morning News asked me to speak on the latest trend, butter coffee, I actually thought he was confused, that he must have meant something else. After a quick google search, I found a number of links describing this peculiar morning trend. My first question, BUT WHY? I actually spent most of my day researching the man behind this trend, Dave Asprey, and some of the claims being made regarding butter coffee. Dave Asprey is the founder of The Bulletproof Executive, which is essentially a paleo-like diet plan and a way of living. He is also the man behind butter coffee that he calls ‘Bulletproof coffee’. What is it? It's called breakfast, and it includes 2 cups of brewed coffee (preferably from...

Milk Does the Body Good... or Does It? Dairy Industry Confusion

Rumour has it that our milk contains hormones and is dangerous for human consumption, at least this is what the Facebook feed said. Um, what? As a consumer it is important to me to understand our food systems so that I can make informed, healthful, and environmentally sound choices about the food I eat. We know that an individual's food choices are largely based on one's own value systems. However, as a dietitian it is my responsibility to understand food systems and food safety as best as I can to provide accurate and appropriate messages to the public. I grew up drinking 1% milk, and eating cheese and yogurt and I never remember my mother having concerns. With the ease of the web and social media, it is easy to get caught up in the mass of...

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