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Baggin' It... Weekday Lunches

Summer is winding down and families are back to the grind of school, work, and extra-curricular activities. Fall is right around the corner and welcoming a new season seems like a good time to start fresh and get back into healthful habits. When life gets hectic and time becomes strapped, one thing we can and SHOULD continue to prioritize is a lunch (with snacks) from home, most days of the week. I don't just mean for the kids either. We are inundated with access to food, and not always the healthiest of options. Foods available outside the home - whether at a restaurant, drive-thru, cafe, vending machine or cafeteria - seem to consistently suffer from portion distortion, excess sodium, saturated fat, or sugar. Yes, it is possible to find healthful...

Water - Essential for Life but Eight Glasses a Day?

We have always been told to drink eight glasses of water a day, but have you ever wondered why this seems to be the magic number? Research tells us that water is important for our bodies because every cell, tissue and organ contain water. It is essential for life and plays many roles in the body: •Controls body temperature • Aids in digestion • Carries nutrients around the body • Helps remove waste in the body • Helps with bowel regularity Also, our bodies lose water by sweating, breathing and eliminating waste. If we lose more than we take in, the body can become dehydrated and it may lead to thirst, dry lips, tiredness, dizziness, irritability and headache. So it’s important to drink fluids regularly...

New Year, New Habits - Top 5 Goals to Include on Your List

Happy New Year! There are so many ways to get your New Year off to a healthful start. Food To Fit has 5 nutrition-related goals to help you kick-start a healthful year. Aside from the obvious - cutting out the leftover holiday treats - wake your body up and build new habits for 2013! 1) Sleep. Studies report that individuals who sleep less than 5.5 hours per night, release hormones that stimulate appetite. Individuals eat significantly more compared to those who sleep 8 hours per night.  2) Avoid drinking your calories. Whether from specialty coffees, soda pop or even fruit juice the calories can add up quickly. We don't compensate by eating less food, we simply add these on top of our usual diets.  3) Avoid white or refined grains...

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