Holiday Gluttony at the Office? Survive the Sugar Season and Give Back to your Community

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Holiday Gluttony at the Office? Survive the Sugar Season and Give Back to your Community

As we enter into a lengthy, sugary-filled holiday season, many clients tell us that their workplaces are one of the biggest barriers to eating better and maintaining health goals due to the food environment. For example, it’s not uncommon to see bowls of caramels at the check-out, jelly beans at the computer, boxes of donuts from managers, or thank you chocolates from customers.

This time of year can be especially difficult with the influx of Christmas goodies from clients, suppliers, bosses, and co-workers. For someone who may struggle with “self-control” around trigger foods, who moves through the cycle of indulgence and guilt with self-sabotaging thoughts, this can be such an emotional struggle.

At Food To Fit we feel that eating healthier and reducing intake of refined sugar and processed foods is not just about having better self control. Putting the pressure on oneself to be better at resisting temptation can merely perpetuate feelings of failure and the emotional eating cycle. We often discuss the importance of controlling the food environment (where possible) by making the healthy choice, the easy choice. We can certainly prepare ourselves by starting the day with a wholesome breakfast and packing favourite healthful snacks, but the holiday season can de-rail even the best intentions and most organized individuals.

Food To Fit has teamed up with Saskatoon Food Bank to encourage your workplace to cut back on the Christmas goodies at the office, and instead put together a food box for donation to the food bank. Food is important to all of us over the holidays and brings comfot and fond memories. Let us remember those in our community who struggle.

Happily accept the goodies from your customers, but as a team pledge to NOT contribute to a sugar-filled food environment at the office. Get into the spirit of giving healthful food to those in need, and start the New Year feeling positive about yourself.


Happy Holidays from all of us at Food To Fit!